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We created the website www.theseniorcareguide over 12 years ago, back in 2002. The original incarnation of the site was using the best of web technology available to date (at the time). We produced something unique; a first of its kind if you will on many fronts. Not only was The Senior Care Guide a great resource for Care Services, we were the first to offer complete listings and help on-line way before anyone else was doing it.


The other thing not known to many, the entire site was built around the globe, starting in Australia being shifted to Poland, the UK and New Zealand. The team of designers and developers who worked on the project were located in different parts of the world at the time, we were probably the first networked developed site in circulation. This type of collaborative was not common, let alone heard of then. We'd like to think that we were pioneers on that front as well.


Like all things web, constant upgrading is required, and with the rapid speed at which the Internet grows, so do we have to as well. We redeveloped the site in 2004, an upgrade, and have been running the site and system ever since. Well, 10 years is a decent shelf live for most websites, and we certainly have got mileage out of our 2nd face lift.


It is that time again that we have to redevelop and rethink our approach to The Senior Care Guides on-line presence. That is exactly what we are doing, behind the scenes, we are rethinking and reshaping our site to meet the new web standards. What you are seeing at the moment is a sneak peek of how much things have changed, and advanced.


If you came to the site to find a resource, please use our contact form below to pose your question, or call us on the number below. We would love to hear from you.


We do not have a date set for the completion of the new site, what we can say is - its exciting, its innovative and it won't be long until we unveil the new look The Senior Care Guide.


We will endeavor to think ahead, like we did back in 2002, to deliver a site well beyond its years in both design, innovation and content. We know that many of you have used the site to locate information, even placements for your loved ones, and we thank you for that.


Bear with us as we complete this next phase in our on-line presence.


We look forward to seeing you very soon.


Thank you, and all the best from the team at:




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